What is the coloured stuff?

 Epoxy Resin.  We use only the best food-safe, UV-protected, strong and high quality epoxy resin in our products.


Are these products handmade?

 Yes, every piece is made by hand and brought to an excellent standard.  We don't use any templates or CNC machinery. Each piece is one of a kind!


Do you ship worldwide?

 Yes we do!


What type of wood do you use? 

 Our hardwood materials range from Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Eastern Maple, White Oak, Butternut, English Walnut, Zebra wood, and more...


What do you use as finish on these products? Are they food-safe?

  We use an all natural oil/wax mixture called Odie's Oil.  Not only is it food-safe, but also water resistant to keep your piece looking great for years to come!


Where are you located?

  Calgary, Alberta.


How do I wash this board?

Wood products such as this should only be washed and dried by hand, not dishwasher.  Wash your board with warm soapy water and dry after, our high quality finish is water resistant and easy to clean.


Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, but only a few custom orders are available each month.  The majority of products will be posted and available through this website.  Feel free to reach out about custom order availability.


When do new products become available?

New products are added to our website throughout each month.  Be sure to follow our social media @CityRusticDesigns to catch all updates and new pieces.


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